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Awnings (Roof like covers)

The Awning  

Pure line and graceful canvas

Practical, original, modular

With its pointed roof, its pure and graceful line, the Awning is a tent which is very appreciated for any type of original event. Due to its lightness and easiness to assemble, the Awning is as well practical as friendly.

Awnings can be linked together to form many different configurations. Whilst being square or hexagonal, they can be combined to infinity to create spaces of 9-400 m² for receptions.


Square model available in:
9 m², 16 m² and 25 m² and 36 m²

Hexagonal model available
65 sqm




-       Updated level floor

-       Carpet/carpet filmed (e), color choice

-       Camouflage of subfloor structures

-       Vellum (draping) of roofing stretched or pleated

-       Lighting

-       Heating

-       Sanitary luxuriously furnished

-       Dance floor

-       Airlock link

-       Indoor reception terrace

-       Technical assistance

-       Path

-       Catering tents

-We also have decorative elements: chandeliers, tables, chairs,.
eat-stands, chandeliers, braziers, midges, light cubes, outdoor heating,
umbrellas, screens...